Midas PRO3 installed in Eiffel Tower

Marie-Paule Dauphin, manager of Gustave Eiffel room, with sound engineer Alain Phillipon and the Midas PRO3

09 May 2011

A Midas PRO3 live audio system, supplied by French distributor EVI Audio, has been installed in one of the most sought-after presentation spaces in Paris, the Gustave Eiffel room, on the first floor the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The 300-capacity venue commands 360 degree panoramic views of the city and hosts a wide variety of events from show cases to seminars and product presentations to business conferences.

“For a venue this unique, we have to have the best,” says Alain Phillipon, the Eiffel Tower’s resident sound engineer for the past eight years, who previously worked on a Midas Heritage 1000. I wanted the versatility of digital as we host so many different kinds of events here that we need maximum flexibility. But I also wanted to keep the warmth of the Midas sound. The PRO3 offered the perfect solution.”

Once the PRO3 was installed, the sound team at the Eiffel Tower underwent initial training to put the new system through its paces in various situations, including a live concert and a recording session. “The team handled the console easily,” says Phillipon. “The system architecture is clearly laid out, making FOH mixing easy to handle. The sound is really clear and warm. We are now ready to challenge it!”

Phillipon particularly appreciates the user-friendly, ergonomic design of the PRO3 which has ensured a smooth transition from analogue to digital. Another big advantage he cites is the comprehensive package of effects, EQ and dynamics available on a digital console which is compact and mobile to maximise the variety of layouts and set-ups required by clients. The system’s flexibility is further enhanced by the two DL451 modular I/O units purchased with the system, allowing connections in remote rooms.

“Next year we are looking to completely refurbish the space, and I know that the Midas PRO3 will see us into the future,” Phillipon concludes.