Midas announces 2 new consoles!

11 September 2011

PRO2 and PRO2C

Midas launched its latest digital live sound consoles, the PRO2 and PRO2c, on the weekend at PLASA trade show in Earls Court, London.

The Midas PRO2 and PRO2C may be the smallest and least expensive Midas digital consoles so far; however, they represent a quantum leap forward in both technology and in concept for the art of audio mixing. Extending the line begun with the Pro6, previously expanded upwards and downwards in configuration with the PRO9 and PRO3 desks, the new Midas PRO2 and PRO2c (“C” for Compact) maintain the sonic performance of their XL8 and PRO Series, advance Midas’ innovations in console navigation and live production control, while setting a new company standard for value.

The core specifications for both the PRO2 and PRO2c are: 64 input channels, 32 outputs, 27 busses, six stereo FX engines, and 28 KT Graphic EQs. Systems comprised of a control surface, a DL251 I/O unit, two 100m Cat5 cables, and a flight case are priced at $25,995 INC GST (PRO2c) or $32,995 INC GST (PRO2).

PRO2 can be operated in a number of different ways, depending upon the experience, ability and willingness of the operator to adopt new ideas. In “normal” mode, PRO2 behaves in a manner similar to many other digital consoles. Engineers who are new to Midas digital can relax, enjoy the PRO2’s sample-synchronous audio quality, and operate the console from well within their comfort zone. As an operator becomes increasingly familiar with the console, they can activate the advanced navigation features which enable access to undreamt of levels of ease and speed of workflow on an audio console. Digital or Analogue!


  • 156 inputs x 166 outputs (max capacity) point-to-point routing anywhere within the Network
  • 56 mic/line inputs with Midas mic preamps
  • 64 simultaneous input processing channels
  • 32 analogue outputs (including 2 stereo local monitor outputs)
  • 3 AES3 outputs
  • 2 AES3 inputs
  • 27 sample-synchronous, phase-coherent mix buses
  • 6 multi-channel FX engines
  • Up to 28 Klark Teknik DN370 31-band Graphic EQs
  • Full-colour 15″ daylight-viewable display screen
  • 8 VCA (Variable Control Association) groups
  • 6 POPulation groups
  • 192 MCA (Mix Control Association) groups
  • 96kHz 40-bit floating-point processing throughout
  • 100m di-directional Cat-5e AES50 digital snake included (48 in x 16 out)
  • Stage I/O: DL251 48 in / 16 out fixed configuration

Additional I/O Box Options

  • DL431 24 in 5 way split: fixed configuration I/O
  • DL252 16 in / 48 out fixed configuration I/O
  • DL351 Up to 64 in / 64 out configurable I/O
  • DL451 Up to 24 in / 24 out configurable I/O
  • Control Centre Weight and Dimensions
  • Width 882 mm x Depth 730.3mm
  • Weight: 37Kg

*weights are approximate and out of flight case