The d&b V-Series: in truth a little J

12 April 2012

Take the widely coveted consistent mids and vocal presence of the d&b audiotechnik J-Series, then combine them with the proven qualities of a Q-Series and the result is the V-Series: a mid-sized line array suitable for any sound genre. The system comprises the V8 and V12 loudspeakers supported by a dedicated V subwoofer which incorporates the d&b patented passive cardioid technology.

The V8 and V12 loudspeakers are 3-way passive designs housing two 10” LF drivers, one hornloaded 8” MF driver and two 1.4” exit HF compression drivers with 2.5” voicecoils mounted to a dedicated waveshaping device. The cylindrical wave segments produced couple coherently in the vertical plane. The symmetrical dipolar arrangement of the neodymium LF drivers around the centrally mounted coaxial MF and HF components results in an exceptional 80 and 120 degree horizontal constant directivity dispersion respectively, this is maintained down to approximately 250 Hz, which is an outstanding feature for a passive 3-way system. The mechanical and acoustical design enables flown vertical columns of up to twenty four loudspeakers to be suspended using vertical splay angles of 0 to 14 degrees with a 1 degree resolution.

The V-SUB is an actively driven cardioid subwoofer powered by a single amplifier channel housing two long excursion neodymium drivers in an integrated cardioid setup: an 18” driver in a bass-reflex design facing to the front and a 12” driver in a two chamber bandpass design radiating to the rear. The cardioid dispersion pattern resulting from this approach avoids unwanted energy behind the system. It can be used to supplement V8 and V12 loudspeakers in various combinations, ground stacked or flown, either integrated on top of a V8 / V12 array or as a separate column. All the components needed to suspend these loudspeakers within the bespoke three point V-Series flying system are integrated into the cabinets, ensuring speedy deployment, providing quick and easily configurable line array solutions.

The V-Series is driven by the d&b D12 amplifier that incorporates d&b loudspeaker specific configuration information and has analog and digital signal inputs and links. It has a d&b Remote network interface that enables central control and monitoring of a large number of system functions and extensive system integration capabilities from anywhere in the network. The d&b ArrayCalc calculator must always be used to predict the physical and acoustical performance of arrays as it uses a sophisticated mathematical model enabling simple, safe and accurate system planning. Finally the system is supported by an extensive range of accessories and transport solutions facilitating ease of setup and mobility. 

With its remarkable clarity as well as extraordinary dynamic bandwidth, impressive power capability and headroom and last but not least the extensive range of accessories and transport solutions the V-Series fulfils several roles: a formidable stand-alone line array in its own right, and having the same driver arrangement, horizontal dispersion and matching sound characteristics it is the perfect complement to the J-Series for fill and delay use.