MIDAS launches Mixtender iPad app

23 April 2012

MIDAS has announced the launch of its eagerly-awaited Mixtender iPad app. Available now from the iTunes app store, Mixtender provides wireless remote control of the PR02 and PR02C digital mixing systems permitting an engineer to access fader levels and output GEQ remotely from an iPad. The app will also be available for the MIDAS PRO Series and XL8 digital systems upon the imminent release of v2.0 software.

An impressive 64 input meters and 27 output meters can be viewed simultaneously in real-time on the ‘console overview’ screen, aiding fast channel navigation. Multiple iPads can be used on a single console simultaneously, and the mix engineer has the option to ‘lock’ each iPad so that it can only access one mix. This allows each performer to control their monitor mix on their own iPad, without making changes to any other area of the console.

Mixtender also provides wireless remote control of all fader levels, including input faders, all bus contributions and masters, VCA, and uniquely, MCA fader levels, providing unprecedented mixing power from the Apple device. Remote control of the PR02’s onboard KLARK TEKNIK DN370 graphic EQs, as well as input and output channel mutes, is also quick and easy using the iPad’s multi-touch interface.

“The iPad’s reliable multi-touch interface makes it a perfect accessory for a MIDAS console,” says brand development manager Richard Ferriday. “It will add an even greater degree of functional flexibility to our range.”