Less ‘I’ more ‘U’

25 May 2012

Earlier this week Midas announced the launch of the newest Venice console, the VeniceU, at the PALM show in Beijing.  This new “Digi-log” console represents the continued development of the MIDAS analogue range and extends the concept of a hybrid mixer offering a fusion of both analogue and digital technology.

So why “U”? The VeniceU includes a USB interface that can be used with any computer possessing a USB port, and is effectively a 16-channel (8 x 8) digital audio buss.  All six busses, four subgroups, both matrix busses and the stereo masters route to the USB interface, up to eight busses at one time.  Applications include multi-track recording and “plug-in” FX processors.  The VeniceU’s buss structure is identical to the larger VeniceF with six aux sends, four groups, stereo masters, discrete mono buss and a 7 x 2 matrix.  All buss outputs feature XLR connectors and insert capability.  All six aux sends are switchable pre/post EQ on an individual channel basis.

Although the USB interface will work with nearly all computer-based DAW audio processing software, included in every VeniceU package is a free 60-day trial version of REASON, by Propellerhead. This software suite includes multi-track recording (up to 64 tracks), virtual racks full of FX and dynamics processing, and even a software mixer. Demo recording and FX templates are provided for quick, easy orientation with the powerful functionality of the VeniceU’s“Digi-log” capabilities.