Park Live stays on track with Cloud VTX-WM1’s

17 August 2012

Park Live in the Olympic Park was created to provide the ultimate viewing experience for visitors to the Olympic Park for the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympics.

Two enormous screens mounted back-to back and floating on a gigantic platform / stage on the River Lea face out to acres of parkland areas on either side.

Sound Directions UK designed a distributed sound system for the parklands to ensure all visitors enjoyed high quality and evenly distributed sound.

Cloud VTX-4400 4-channel 400W amplifiers are used to drive nearly 100 SoundTube XT850i-GN in-ground loudspeakers using Cloud CXL-400T 100V transformers for the VTX amplifiers to provide nearly 16,ooo Watts of amplification for the parklands.

Cloud VTX-WM1 web monitor cards installed in each of the amplifiers allow contractors for Park Live to monitor the performance of the amplifiers for the duration of the games.

VTX-WM1’s provide real-time monitoring via any Internet enabled device for up to the minute information however it is the load test abilities of the VTX-WM-1’s that are proving invaluable at Park Live.

The scheduling facility of load testing provides daily reports of any significant changes in the loudspeaker loads per channel of amplification enabling site contractors to respond immediately. This means any maintenance can be conducted each morning in advance of the Park opening each day.

Changes caused by loudspeaker outages, transformer failure, water ingress (the installation took place during the wettest months of this year) or just prying hands of the audiences adjusting loudspeaker tappings are recognised and acted upon immediately to ensure audience pleasure is maximised each day.

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