d&b Black range: Remote Integration

Media control modules

A media control can manage multiple types of media such as audio, video and lighting from one control unit. A media control system typically consists of a control unit and at least one user interface like a touch panel. Media control modules are comparable to templates. They are designed to reduce the programming effort. The integrator can concentrate on the needs of the customer towards the user interface rather than on the programming behind it. d&b audiotechnik has collaborated with media control manufacturers to offer media control modules.

Modules are available for download from the d&b site if you follow the link at the end of this article.

The R70 Ethernet to CAN interface is used to physically integrate a media control with the d&b Remote network. Implementation support is provided by the respective media control manufacturer. d&b audiotechnik is a certified Crestron Integrated Partner and an AMX InConcert Partner, silver level.

Simple control system using R1

An easy to operate control interface can be created using a PC with a touch screen. The R1 project file can be configured to automatically start in full screen mode after booting up the touchscreen PC. An R1 project file may contain several workspace pages providing different levels of control for the respective operators. Each page may be password-protected, providing different levels of access. Hence users without any technical knowledge can be enabled to start the loudspeaker system, change the volume or set it into a certain status like lunch, dinner or concert setting. A single press on the touch screen recalls the respective settings.

IEC 60849 ‘Sound Systems for Emergency Purposes’ applications

For incorporation within applications specified to the requirements stated in the International Standard IEC 60849 ‘Sound Systems for Emergency Purposes’, a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) can be integrated into the d&b Remote network. It can report faults and set the d&b system into a defined alarm status. Input channel, equalization, volume, delay and filters are adjusted. For this purpose the respective AmpPresets of the d&b amplifiers are used. When the alarm stops the original settings for the d&b system can be recalled. A PLC can run as the primary master and the R1 Remote control can be configured as the secondary master. In this configuration the PLC commands will override the R1 commands.

Integration by other third party devices

Third party devices can integrate the open d&b Remote network protocol to control the devices within a d&b Remote network. Please contact your d&b audiotechnik Sales partner for more details.

Follow this link to the d&b site for downloads.