CPC Production Services Upgrade to PRO9

Queensland based production company, CPC Production Services, has just completed upgrading their existing two Midas Pro6s to Pro9s. CPC was the first company in Australia to have Pro6s, this comes after the company having a more than 20 year history with Midas. This has ranged from TR-36s, XL200s, XL4s, Heritage 3000s and various Venices. This upgrade gives CPC the ability to offer two full Midas Pro9 mixing systems, complete with 96 channels of Midas DL431 5 way splitters, Midas DL451 modular I/O boxes and a Klark Teknik DN9331 Rapide graphic EQ remote. Both consoles are now running Midas’ new “Generation II” operating system. This offers many new functions, like more effects, MCAs and ability to use Midas’ Mixtender for the Apple iPad. The Midas Pro9 mixing system offers 80 input channels, 8 returns, 16 mix groups, 16 matrixes and up to 16 multi-effect engines and/or 36 Klark Teknik graphic EQs. Mixtender gives the ability for multiple users to remotely access the consoles input faders, VCAs, MCAs and graphic EQs. CPC also has the Klark Teknik DN9696, 96 track HD audio recorder in their hire inventory. This gives ability to do virtual sound checks or full multi-track recordings of any live event.

CPC Production Services is a sales and service agent for all Midas equipment, both analogue and digital for National Audio Systems.


  • 2x Midas Pro9 Control Surfaces G2.05 (3 option cards in each)
  • 2x Midas DL371 DSP Engines (With 6 DSP Cards Installed)
  • 4x Midas DL431 24 channel 5 Way Active Splitter
  • 2x Midas DL451 Modular I/O (3 option cards in each)
  • 1x Midas DL441 Analogue Mic / Line Input “I” option card
  • 2x Midas DL452 AES/EBU Input and Output “D” option card
  • 2x Midas DL443 8 Analogue Line In and 8 Analogue Line Out “TRS” option card
  • 8x Midas DL442 Analogue Output “O” option card
  • 1x Klark Teknik DN9331 Rapide Graphic EQ remote
  • 1x Klark Teknik DN9696 96 Track HD AES50 audio recorder
  • 2x APC Smart-UPS RT 2000 2Kw uninterruptable power supply
  • 2x Wireless access point, for use with Mixtender remote application
  • Various 100m, 50m, 20m, 10m, 5m, 2m and 1m Belden/Neutrik Ethercon cabling

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