Cloud Electronics to launch New 46/120 Mixer Amplifier at ISE 2013 in Amsterdam

The Cloud Electronics 46/120 is the long awaited big brother to the highly regarded and hugely successful 46/50 Multi Zone/Paging Amplifier. It offers simple, direct connection of 2 microphones and 6 music sources which can be routed to feed 4 different output zones with a mix of up to 120w(4Ω) or 100w (70v/100v per Zone) of high quality audio per zone. The 46/120 music programme and level can be controlled remotely as well as Zone 1 Optional Input/Remote Device (LM-2). An optional control interface card is available for RS232, Ethernet & Digital Paging (PM-4A) along with Clouds conventional paging facility.

The Media version plays MP3 or WMA files directly from a USB device or SD memory card plugged into the front panel of the unit, via a simple set of playback controls. All standard data rates and sampling frequencies are supported.

Designed, Built and Tested to Cloud Electronics commercial standard with proven heritage and backed with a 5 Year Commercial Warranty.

Full product information can be found here.