PRODUCT RELEASE BULLETIN: inDesign EZ Series Ceiling Speakers

National Audio Systems is pleased to announce the release of the new EZ range of Ceiling Speakers from inDESIGN. The EZ range presently comprises 2 models – EZ5-10MK2 and EZ8-15MK2. Each model features a unique mounting system that makes installation quick and easy. The EZ-Cam and the included installation tool provides a very quick method of installing the speakers without the need for a screwdriver or electric screwdriver. Both EZ speakers are fitted with a 100 Volt transformer and multiple power tap is via a Screw Terminal Block.

About inDESIGN
inDESIGN is an Australian designed and engineered brand of Commercial Audio products manufactured by National Audio Systems. The brand is aimed at providing quality products with a focus on value for money, reliability and appropriate feature sets that the commercial audio installer requires. inDesign will continue to develop and introduce products to the market and focus on reliability, availability and suitability as its core principles.

Further information on the full EZ Series can be found here.