dbaudio.com 2013

The new website design seen here replaces one that originally went online in 2002 and has intrinsically not changed since. Yes, subtle changes and updates to the imagery were made and many new products, stories and documents have been added over the years, but the thought process behind the layout and navigation has remained for over a decade. Before clicking the picture, the new look landing page was displayed, with a fresh logic for navigation making it simpler and faster for new explorers to easily understand what d&b audiotechnik is, what it does and how it does it. Alongside there are also quick and simple ways for those who know d&b well to access specific information, documentation, or downloads, with the minimum number of clicks or taps.

One of the biggest changes is a design and platform allowing the integration of many more photographs. This is coupled with a structure that puts d&b boldly at the forefront of the site along with d&b system Applications, followed by one of the company’s fixations, Education. The d&b icon on the left of the top navigation bar links directly back to the landing page, whilst previously viewed levels are also displayed, making it possible to navigate backwards. To the right there is direct access to the Sitemap and a drop down menu allowing selection of a different language for any particular page being viewed.

The slider at the top of the landing page contains a selection of photographs, these relate to current news stories with a further selection displayed in the smaller thumbnails below. By clicking on either a large photograph or one of the thumbnails, the full story behind the picture is revealed as well as further images. The systems discussed in the news story appear in the sidebar on the right, which when clicked links to the relevant product page. Having included the V-Series V8, V12 and V-SUB loudspeakers in this text, their thumbnail images are included into this page. Please do not click on these yet, first finish reading the rest of the text below.

Within the Applications section there are three drop down filters that can be simultaneously set to define the search by type, region and year to quickly identify a selection of immediate interest. For those who want instant access to product information, the Product list button offers a drop down menu of the complete d&b audiotechnik range. This appears on every page as does Contact, Downloads and Systems. In the Systems pages, the accessories have been grouped together with filters to select both by product Series and/or accessory Type. Finally, the Contacts section now includes maps showing locations of the addresses.

Now it is time to go ahead and explore, hopefully finding quickly what one wanted before this little unexpected distraction, but also to enjoy whatever else comes along the way. Thank you for visiting the d&b audiotechnik website and taking the time to read this introduction.

Click here to launch the new d&b website and have a look for yourself!