SoundTube Installation Profile – Amway Brand Centre

Amway, the American Multilevel Marketing giant with a variety of consumer products, is now well known as a global leader in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products.

Their Indian subsidiary recently built a new facility in Noida to display and demonstrate their existing products, features and usage. The facility is also a venue for launching Amway’s new arrivals into the Indian market.

Each product is sub-categorised into segments, which are displayed in a Large Format LCD TV set up in a walk-through configuration. The contents are fed from a PC source in HD along with high quality audio.

The A/V system is set up with all the displays placed in a foyer or lounge area. Amway wanted the audio at each display to be unique to that display and not bleed over to the adjacent display areas.

The viewing distance of each display is approximately 10″ from the display and displays are separated from each other by about 10″. Amway desired a solution where the audio could be contained within each specific area, with a solution-specific speaker suspended from the false ceiling. SoundTube’s distributor Office 2000 Solutions PVT. LTD. India knew that focus point speakers were the only viable solution, which meant that the SoundTube FP Series speakers were the right choice for this installation. The FP-6030-II was selected for the project. The distributor reported that this speaker’s excellent audio quality as well as its design “is best suited to provide a good sound reinforcement within the dome as well as a good sound immunity outside its perimeter.”

Even though the entire foyer is an open space without any acoustical treatment, the audio displays function well for visitors, and the noise floor in the facility is kept to a minimum. There are sixteen (16) display systems with FP-6030-II speakers along with motion sensors that have been incorporated and powered by SoundTube’s SA202 miniature amplifier.

The FP-Motion accessory for SoundTube’s FP Series speakers triggers the audio when a passerby enters into the speaker’s perimeter. The sensor deactivates, and shuts off the audio, after an interval where no motion is detected. This module provides even more control in keeping the overall noise floor down by playing only when a visitor is present at that display.

Our distributor says SoundTube has provided a wonderful and unique solution with “its awesome product” and their client, Amway, is completely satisfied and achieved the results for the facility they intended.

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