Midas: Introducing the PRO X

The Gold Standard

With their exemplary audio performance and road-proven rugged and reliable construction, the MIDAS PRO Series has become the gold standard in concert touring and installed live sound. Employing technologies developed from the class-leading and visionary flagship MIDAS XL8 console, and offering the same outstanding sample-synchronised and phase-coherent audio performance, interpolated control functions and intuitive navigation, the PRO3, PRO6 and PRO9 Live Audio Systems have become the industry’s go-to choice for live sound reinforcement consoles.

Move Up a Gear

Now the PRO Series family moves up a gear with the PRO X Control Centre and the industry-changing NEUTRON Audio System Engine. Featuring 168 simultaneous input channels and 99 time-aligned and phase-coherent buses with no trade-offs in channel or bus counts, unlike many competitor digital consoles which advertise feature lists which are not representative of actual performance in use.

With 168 simultaneous inputs, 99 buses and 96 kHz sample rate, the PRO X sets a complete new standard for performance and value.

True and consistent 96 kHz sampling frequency and 40 bit floating point processing provide exemplary quality audio processing, and the oversampled and interpolated digital signal processing algorithms, combined with the fully interpolated and touch sensitive user controls, result in the smooth continuous response and immediacy of working on an analogue console. Parameter adjustment becomes fast and easy, the continuous phase shift of a swept frequency control is heard without the quantisation effects of the discrete steps found in other digital consoles.

The PRO X features the rugged and road-proven KLARK TEKNIK HyperMAC and SuperMAC (AES50-compliant) networking technologies with their ultra-low and deterministic latencies and robust error correction.

Its powerful audio networking offers up to 288 inputs and 294 outputs at the 96 kHz sample frequency.

For enhanced reliability, both the PRO X Control Centre and the NEUTRON Audio System Engine feature a HyperMAC router with 192 bidirectional channels over dual-redundant copper and optical fibre snake connections.

The PRO X Control Centre features dual 15″ full colour daylight-viewable TFT displays for use in all environments, both inside and outdoors. The 10 VCA (variable control association) and eight POPulation groups, combined with the advanced navigation offered by the new output-centric centre section, allows the simultaneous display of 24 mono or stereo mix buses.

All this provides an unparalleled mix experience.

  • Live performance digital console control centre with up to 168 simultaneous inputs
  • Includes NEUTRON Audio System Engine with industry leading 108 Gigaflops digital signal processing performance
  • NEUTRON fitted with 4 DSP cards as standard for N+1 redundant operation
  • 99 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses
  • 40 bit floating point processing with 96 kHz sample rate
  • HyperMAC and AES50 networking allows up to 288 inputs and 294 outputs @ 96 kHz Sample Rate
  • HyperMAC router with 192 bidirectional channels over copper and optical fibre
  • Provides dual redundant snake connection to the NEUTRON Audio System Engine
  • Snake connections up to 500 m with optical fibre or 100 m with CAT5/5e cable
  • 10 VCA (variable control association) and 8 POPulation groups
  • 36 assignable 1/3 octave KLARK TEKNIK DN370 graphic equalisers
  • Up to 40 simultaneous multi-channel digital signal processing effects algorithms
  • 29 MIDAS PRO motorised 100 mm faders
  • 2 daylight viewable 15″ full colour TFT display screens
  • Fully interpolated touch sensitive controls
  • Optional wireless remote control with MIDAS MIXTENDER App for iPad*
  • Three bay auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supplies with N+1 redundancy
  • 3-Year Warranty Program**
  • Designed and engineered in England