d&b unveils column expansion

The d&b audiotechnik White range of integration solutions has expanded to include the xC-Series column loudspeakers. This latest addition contributes the same exacting qualities to the installation specific White range as the xS-Series and xA-Series, offering visual, physical, acoustical and electrical integration in a manner that meets the most demanding specifications. The xC-Series comprises three loudspeakers, the 16C, 24C and 24C-E, all designed for seamless integration into difficult acoustic and aesthetic environments, from houses of worship to conference halls, auditoriums and public spaces; anywhere where the requirement for high speech intelligibility is matched by visual demands.

The xC-Series utilises high vertical directivity control to focus output on listeners and reduce energy radiating into the reverberant field. The 2-way passive 24C has a nominal dispersion of 90° x 20° (h x v) with a HF array that can be mechanically adjusted continuously between 0° and -14° in the vertical plane. This is combined with an LF section comprising six 4” drivers producing a beam with a fixed downward tilt of 5° and significant vertical dispersion control down to 370 Hz. The 24C-E extension, with a further six 4” drivers, can be attached directly to the 24C increasing vertical pattern control down to 190 Hz, without any additional amplification or processing. The smaller 16C houses four 4” drivers and a 0.75” compression driver mounted on a CD horn, producing a nominal dispersion of 90° x 40° (h x v). The 4″ drivers are deployed in a unique cardioid setup radiating through waveguide elements at the front and damped ports at the rear of the cabinet. This design provides a constant directivity pattern in the horizontal plane with a broadband attenuation to the rear of approximately 18 dB. This cardioid pattern produces minimal energy behind the loudspeaker, reducing reflections and resulting in balanced level distribution across the listening area while increasing gain before feedback when working with open microphones. A specifically designed bracket can be attached to the two continuous rails located at the rear of the xC-Series cabinets enabling flat and parallel mounting to the wall. All xC-Series loudspeakers and available accessories can be colour matched to interior requirements.

The xC-Series can be driven by the D6, D12 or D80 amplifiers, which provide three different power ranges, incorporate d&b loudspeaker specific information and have analog and digital signal inputs and links. These amplifiers feature d&b Remote network interfaces, enabling control and monitoring of system functions via the d&b R1 Remote control software platform and connection to other multimedia environments. This provides extensive system integration capabilities, an increasingly important factor within installed systems. The latest additions to the White range bring the d&b renowned sound qualities within the scope of installers, to meet the exact specifications of architects and designers.

d&b audiotechnik xC-Series