Listen: Hard-of-Hearing Made Easy

Assistive Listening systems or as it’s more commonly known in Australia as Hard-of-Hearing systems are often difficult to install in any venue. Of course, they must be available for patrons, but demand can be infrequent and trying to provide adequate resources for any potential audience without having most of your HOH units sitting idle in a cupboard is the dilemma. Listen Technology Corporation has developed a new Stationary RF system that aims to be versatile for both large and small venues, including options that will transmit over 900 metres if need be. Up to fifty seven channels are available and specific receivers can have a Look and Listen display that allows users to choose different program material being broadcast. Stationary RF systems are available in a range of different configurations to suit venues and budgets. They land in Australia ready to go with no Digital Dividend hassles. (Original story found here.)

Listen Technologies