Chiayo Tour-Guide System Wins Taiwan Excellence Award

Leading Taiwanese manufacturer Chiayo has been honoured again with a Taiwan Excellence Award for its DCT-511/DCR-511 2.4G digital two-way tour-guide system. The accolade marks the 11th time that Chiayo has won the award, which is judged equally across five key criteria: R&D, design, product quality, marketing, and the fact that the winning product is made in Taiwan. Crucially, each entry is evaluated for the innovation that it represents.

The DCT-511/DCR-511 offers a number of unique features intended to raise it above more regular tour-guide systems. In particular, it operates a two-way system based on a press-to-talk button which, when used, allows members of a tour party to interact with the tour guide and their fellow visitors without having to raise their voice. The same flexibility has already seen the system appeal beyond its core market to the restaurant industry, where its combination of simple two-way comms and lightweight transmitters is proving popular.

Other features include automatic frequency hopping over the 80MHz range to maximise use of available spectrum; encryption against misuse; a mic-mix-line switch that allows the broadcast of speech, music or both at the same time; a smart notification system triggered when a user is out of range; rechargeable lithium batteries with a universal mini-USB charging port and the availability of a 20-unit charging base. Products that receive the Taiwan Excellence Award are authorised to use the prestigious Taiwan Excellence mark.

Additionally, the DCT-511/DCR-511 was recently showcased at the The Invention & New Product Exposition (INPEX), the largest invention trade show in the United States, at which numerous inventions and innovations are presented. (Original article can be found on ProAudio-Central here.)