dB Technologies Launches its New ES 503 Entertainment System

ES 503 is the first born of brand new Entertainment System series, specifically created by Italian manufacturer dB Technologies in order to pack its long time active speaker expertise into a multifunctional, portable, space-saving, user-friendly yet powerful system.

A complete 3-element system which adapts to several uses (and thousands of different users), thanks to a built-in digital mixer, a OLED display user interface and a Bluetooth audio receiver.

A 3-Element System
ES 503 is a 1000W 3-amped sound system composed by 2 slave 4x 3” full-range tops and 1 master 12” subwoofer.

dB Technologies’s components and design allow an amazing SPL/size ratio: 95x355x137 mm and 1.9 kg for the tops and 465x400x430mm 16,4 kg for the subwoofer for an overall 121 db SPL.

The sub hosts a Digipro G3® amp module with auto-range PSU and a 3-channels mixer with Bluetooth connection. A powerful DSP manages all function of the on-board digital mixer, making the ES 503 a real gem in terms of sound performance and versatility.

The internal design of the tops allows an asymmetrical vertical coverage (thanks to the Logarithmic Curved Column Array technology) and a unique “double ringed” phase plug widens the horizontal coverage and guarantees a perfect voice intelligibility. This allows ES 503 to adapt to any situation, both with a seated or standing audience.

3 Configurations
ES 503 is the most eclectic among portable systems, allowing 3 different configurations suitable for hundreds of different occasions:

  • (1) MONO MODE – 1 x stand pole: The two satellites are connected top-on-top (thanks to a quick and easy slide connection system) and are placed on the subwoofer through a D25mm pole
  • (2a) STEREO MODE – 2 x tripod: Each satellite is placed on a tripod
  • (2b) STEREO MODE – 1 x stand pole 1 x tripod: One satellite is placed on the sub and the other is placed on a tripod
  • (3) DOUBLE COLUMN MODE: A ES503 system in mono mode becomes the master for a second ES 503 feeding the signal thanks to the integrated balanced output channel. This way, both systems are driven by the master’s on board mixer and any setup is guided through the master’s OLED display

ES 503 at a glance:

A Fast Speaker Connection:
For mono configurations, the two tops can be easily connected top to top. The enclosure of the two satellites embeds a slide connection system, which assures perfect top-to-top matching without the risk of incorrect assembly and includes the electrical connection between the two tops. The “A” satellite receives the powered signal from the subwoofer through a 4-poles male Speakon™ connector and relaunch the audio to the “B” top.

For stereo configurations, both tops are connected to the sub through a Speakon™ Connector.

On-Board 3 Channel Mixer:
The ES 503 is equipped with a three-channel mixer controlled by a DSP.

The first channel features a MIC/instrument balanced/unbalanced combo connector with an adjustable anti-feedback filter, impedance compensation and microphone gain with 3 positions (0, +10, + 20dB). The second and third channels are LINE inputs with balanced/unbalanced combo connector. The system is provided with several preset equalisations, and each user can create and save its own custom equalisation.

Customisable Balanced Output Channels:
The balanced AUX/MIX output can be used as a direct link, or, alternatively, as an AUX output. In this case, you can actually feed a stage monitor or another speaker for which a custom separate mix is needed. In addition to that, a dedicated notch filter is available in order to avoid any feedback.

When in double column mode, this output acts as a source of a second ES system providing left or right content.

Integrated Audio Bluetooth Module:
The ES 503 is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth™ stereo module, which receives audio from devices such as mobile phones, tablets or any other audio device with a Bluetooth™ connection.

User Friendly OLED display:
The ES 503 is incredibly simple to set up and comes with an intuitive wizard that guides the user step-by-step and automatically configures the system according to the application. The advanced graphical interface allows to enter the heart of the system, recall configuration presets, adjust levels, EQ and create a pre/post gain mix for different purposes. A rotary encoder with a switch allows to control any operation easily and quickly.

12” Bass-reflex Subwoofer:
The bass-reflex subwoofer houses a 12” woofer and the amplifier module. In addition to the input connectors and controls of the user-interface, there are two Speakon outputs and a VDE power connector. The enclosure, sturdy and stylish, is made of birch plywood coated with a durable scratch-resistant black coat, which makes it truly road-ready. Two handles (one per side) help easy transport.

The ES 503 bundle is composed by a subwoofer, two tops, a D25mm pole and a Speakon/Speakon cable to connect the sub to the top. The speaker pole is splittable in two segments for easy transport.

The system also provides a large group of accessories, such as 2 D25mm tripod stands with a dedicated transport bag, a bag to carry 2 tops and a D25mm pole, a bag for the 12” subwoofer, a trolley, a cable kit with two 7m Speakon/Speakon cables.

A stereo kit comprising 2 tripods + 2 7m Speakon/Speakon cables and a transport kit comprising 1 sub bag+1top bag+1trolley are also available.

dBTechnologies ES 503