ArrayProcessing enhances Australia’s most famous stages

At the end of May, ArrayProcessing was put to work at the Sydney Opera House for Vivid LIVE, an eighteen day celebration of innovative music. Australian distributor National Audio Systems, together with d&b, has been involved with the iconic performing arts centre for almost a decade, during which time d&b systems have spread throughout its multipurpose spaces, including the main Concert Hall, Drama Theatre, Playhouse and other venues.

Jeremy Christian is Head of Sound AV and Technical Support at the SOH: “My experience with ArrayProcessing was that we tightened up the sound of the Concert Hall especially in the stalls; the low-mids that bounce around and muddy up the sound seemed to be contained without losing those important frequencies. The effect to me in the very reverberant empty hall was that we had already treated it with our acoustic dampening drapes. Then once we had treated the hall with our drapes the d&b sound system delivered an experience that I have not heard in there before.”

With a diverse variety of artists performing at the Opera House, response to the software emphasised different advantages. “Touring sound engineers commented on how the system was very even sounding as they moved throughout the hall, “ said Christian, “which it was. But for me, the winner was the clarity, once ArrayProcessing was on.”

(Photo taken by Daniel Boud at Sufjan Stevens as part of Vivid LIVE at the Opera House. Images used with permission of the Sydney Opera House Trust.)

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