dBTechnologies declares ‘new way of thinking’ with Ingenia

Italian manufacturer dBTechnologies has described the latest high profile addition to its catalogue as ‘not simply an active speaker, not just a column system, and not just a conventional line source system’. Named InGenia, the system marks a new approach for the Bologna-based company.

The InGenia range boasts four models encompassing power ratings from 400W to 900W, all driven by the manufacturer’s Digipro G3 amplifier modules. The IG1T and IG4T both incorporate 6.5-inch woofers with 1-inch and 1.4-inch HF drivers respectively. The IG2T has 8-inch woofers and 1-inch HF drivers, while the 10-inch IG3T has 1.4-inch HF drivers. All of the transducers feature neodymium magnets. Crucially, while all of the models are designed to work individually, they can also be coupled simply by turning one speaker upside down and locking it in place upon another.

Each column uses infra-red to detect the presence of a potential mate – a system the manufacturer has named Element Position Detection (EPD). Each InGenia speaker is equipped with an IR radiator to facilitate DSP syncing between columns and establish a master/slave configuration. The ideal coverage and coherence is automatically calculated via a wizard, while users can alter the settings on a self-rotating OLED display (accompanied by a rotary encoder) using a series of intuitive presets and functions for tweaking overall performance.

Physically, the enclosures benefit from a concept named Controlled Energy Coverage (CEC), in which the horn design is horizontally symmetric and vertically asymmetric. The arrangement – working in tandem with digital beam steering – is intended to deliver wide horizontal dispersion versus vertical dispersion that is narrow in the upper part and wider in the lower part.

Additionally, the InGenia enclosures are constructed out of reinforced polypropylene for a lightweight but durable result. Internally, an aluminium structure is used for reinforcement. Each of the enclosures is fitted with a pole mount while the InGenia DRK-IG flybar can be used to adapt them for deployment in a vertical array.

Original article found at ProAudio-Central.

dBTechnologies InGenia Series