Listen Technologies: Helping You Listen

Listen Technologies is an industry leader in the world of assistive listening. It’s product offering covers the full gamut of technologies to ensure your clients don’t miss a word. These include ListenIR, ListenWiFi, ListenLoop and iDSP.

If you thought Assistive Listening was simply a ‘hearing loop’, then read on, as things have moved considerably in recent years.

Assistive listening products are precisely what they imply — technology that helps you not just hear, but listen. Sound plays a huge part in the way we interact with the world. Thoughts and ideas are shared via speech, we gain enjoyment and joy from performances and music. Listen Technologies’ products are designed to break any barrier between focussed sound and the end user. Such barriers include factors such as bad acoustics, hearing impairments, and language differences. When and why would you need such products? Here’s a few scenarios.

Take a concert hall, for example. The PA probably does a fine job getting intelligible audio to 95% of the seats, but there’s often that pesky row or two under the balcony where intelligibility suffers. Enter Assistive Listening. The solution, in this case, could be a number of wireless receiver packs with attached earpieces available for use with patrons seated in the acoustically lacklustre corner. Transmitter devices would sit near the sound console and be fed with the primary elements of the show or presentation. ListenIR is a great candidate for such an application — the infrared transmitters beam out impressively high-definition audio to a selected area.

Another example is where interpretation is needed. In this instance, the interpreter’s microphone can be connected to the transmitter and all those requiring the translation can obtain receiver packs at the door. Effective, simple, and clean. The networkable ListenLoop series is perfect for these kind of applications, simplifying audio distribution throughout a venue.

Hearing assistive technology is now keeping pace with changes in the way people consume media in public spaces. The Listen WiFi series, for example, lets you stream multiple channels of audio wirelessly to users’ smartphones. This is useful in places like gyms, where you’ll often find multiple TVs mounted on walls. With Listen WiFi, gym members can select the audio they’d like to hear according to the TV they’re watching. It functions entirely over WiFi and supports up to 60 Android/iOS users.

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