dB Technologies debuts BH Series & new Opera models

dB Technologies has replaced its Cromo range with the brand new BH powered speaker series. Four speakers make up the family — an 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-inch model, each with a 1-inch compression driver. Driven by Class D amps that produce impressive SPLs (up to 126.5dB for the 15-inch cabinet), the design features an asymmetrical horn for a wide and uniform throw pattern. There’s DSP onboard with which you can choose EQ presets Flat or Boost. The cabinets are nice and lightweight (from 6.3kg to 17.2kg) for portability, with a full grille design and three handles on each — one per side and one on top. You can use the BH series speakers horizontally as stage monitors or vertically via the pole mount underneath for FOH in conjunction with a sub.

dB Tech also introduced three new Opera series models at NAMM 2017. The redesigned models replace the previous Opera product family, with the company calling the 10-, 12-, and 15-inch cabinets a ‘milestone in the brand’s history’. With 1200W peak power and unique acoustic design, the trio works well for both playback and live music applications.  The asymmetrical horn has been overhauled in order to obtain both an asymmetrical vertical dispersion and a double horizontal dispersion for a better throw pattern. All three models are equipped with a Class D 600W amplifier. The DSP has FIR filters for coherent audio performance and uniform coverage. You get two input channels on each cabinets, two selectable output channels (Link Ch 1 or Mix Ch 1+2), and eight EQ presets suitable for varying environments.


Many thanks to Audio Technology for their original write-up, which can be viewed here.