IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck

You’re probably familiar with IsoAcoustics’ highly effective line of monitor isolation stands that seem to bring out the best from any speaker. At NAMM 2017, IsoAcoustics released the all-new Iso-Puck — the same concept as the bigger stands, yet in a low-profile, flexible, scalable version. The little puck-like discs are placed under your speaker to isolate them from the surface they’re sitting on. 

An Iso-Puck is pretty small — just 3cm tall and 6cm in diameter. Its round shape makes positioning a bit easier than with stands, especially on varied surfaces like the narrow space on top of a console meter bridge. Not to mention Iso-Puck’s size and shape lends itself to a bunch of other employments, like propping up your laptop or keeping a hot dish off the wooden dinner table.

The multipart isolation construction of the Iso-Puck lets it move to isolate and manage the energy in line with the same isolation concepts employed in other IsoAcoustics products. The Pucks feature a flange suction cup on the top to hold tight to the speaker surface, as well as a bottom suction cup flange for the supporting surface. Energy is transferred to the core of the multipart isolator in between which resists lateral movement and offers better isolation.


Thanks to Audio Technology for their original write-up, which can be viewed here.