Aurora net sound reinforcement control software by dB Technologies

dBTechnologies presents at Pro Light & Sound in Frankfurt, Germany, a sneak preview of the soon-to-be-released software Aurora net, developed for complete real-time monitoring and control of dBTechnologies professional sound reinforcement systems.

Cross-platform developed (Win, Mac OS and Linux) by dBTechnologies Software Department in order to guarantee maximum reliability, Aurora Net is more than an evolution of the previous dBTechnologies Network.

Working via Ethernet cable (or alternatively via XLR) the software allows both advanced, completely customisable DSP control and DIGITAL Audio management (via Dante™ protocol) on the same cable.

The intuitive layout has been designed for maximum usability and allows touch-oriented management on portable devices. Users can check the complete PA system in use at a glance or manage each single element thanks to a fast and detailed zoom-in/zoom out incremental display feature.

Auto grouping function allows the user to create element groups with customisable parameters, and last but not least, complex installed sound systems can be easily controlled thanks to a Zone Management feature.

Video created by BUCRANIUM /