Ashly digiMIX Video Playlist

Ashly Audio has produced a series of training and promotional videos for the new digiMIX24 mixers. Below is a link to the full playlist:

Ashly digiMIX24 24-Channel Digital Mixer

Or, you can watch any of the videos below!

Ashly digiMIX24 24-channel Mixer

Is the digiMIX24 the most efficient digital mixer ever created? By efficiency we mean: the most usable, hands-on controls in the least amount of space. Ashly ignored the competition and started from scratch.

Ashly digiMIX24: See it. Touch it.

The digiMIX24 is a 24-channel digital mixer that gives you powerful control over your performance space. The critical controls you need for hands-on live mixing are right at your fingertips, not buried deep in layers. It takes up less than two square feet of space, yet gives you far more hands-on live controls.

Ashly digiMIX24: Concentrated Power

The digiMIX24 concentrates a powerful feature set into a compact, easy-to-use digital console. You’ll find the digiMIX24 has more hands-on controls than any other mixer in its price range.

Ashly digiMIX24: Rich Creative Palette

The digiMIX24 has the effects and signal processing to enhance every channel of any type of performance. And all parameters are editable so you can custom tailor the effect. Save and recall this almost infinite palette of creative sound options with ample presets.

Easily copy a complicated effects and signal processing combination from one channel to others.

Ashly digiMIX24: Modular and Expandable

The digiMIX24 is modular and expandable, so you can grow its capabilities now or later. Add a Dante™ option card for up to 32 channels of network audio, or add a USB-32 option card for output up to 32 tracks on your favourite digital audio workstation.

Ashly digiMIX24: EZ Mode for Novices

The digiMIX24 is the perfect combination of compact simplicity and versatile physical controls. But to a novice — a church volunteer or a restaurant manager, for example — a mixer is far from simple. That’s when you turn to EZ Mode.

Ashly digiMIX