New 10 YEAR Warranty for all Midas & Klark Teknik Products purchased since 1ST SEP 2014

NAS are delighted to share some really great news to start the week!

Effective immediately, the following brands will have their existing manufacturer’s warranty duration extended to 10 years:



Products purchased since the 1st of September 2014, will be covered by this warranty timing extension.

No other changes have been made to the terms and conditions. To remind yourself and customers of what the warranty covers, please review the terms and conditions

A 10 year warranty is emphatic – it tells the market that we stand behind what each and every brand promises!

>>> UPDATE 02/10/2017 <<<

Please find herein a useful clarification from Carlos Narciso, VP Care, regarding existing warranties:

  • In reference to the ‘backwards’ cover: it is based on whatever warranty was applicable by brand at 1st September 2017.
    Therefore, the majority of Brands will go back to purchases since 1
    st September 2014.
  • The few listed exclusions to the limited warranty remain as now but also valid for the 10 year term (rather than just the 3 years of now) i.e.
    > Consumable parts, including but not limited to, fuses, batteries, and cables.
    > Drivers and diaphragm assemblies that have burnt voice coils due to over voltage or a surge from a power amplifier.
    > Power amplifiers with incorrectly loaded outputs (in terms of ”load”/ohms).
    > Physical or shipping damage due to improper use of the Products or incorrect installation.
    > Cable drum assemblies and road/flight cases, for which there will be a one (1) Year warranty period.
    > Products whose factory applied serial number has been defaced, altered or removed.
    Therefore for the sake of clarity: faders are covered for the 10 year term. This backs up our ‘1 million cycle lifetime’ statement, and is truly life changing for our customers.
  • Finally, as we are basing warranty on Brand rather than Division, those SKU’s that are common to more than one Division will be reflected incorrectly on the online Support site at the moment. These were originally based on the Agile Model/Division category. Please bear with us as we work with EXCE and FEEL to resolve this over the short-term.

Many thanks for your support in spreading this great industry and life changing message.

NAS’s Warranty Terms & Conditions can be downloaded here.

Further information on the full Midas range can be viewed here, for Klark Teknik, head here.