dBTechnologies Shows Off ViO at PL+S

dBTechnologies has used the Prolight + Sound stage to showcase the latest elements of its Vio line of products — the Vio L212 full scale active line array system designed for large touring applications, the Vio S218 subwoofer, and the Vio X point source series. Upgrades to the Ingenia powered speaker series have also been introduced, including full network capability.

VIO L212

With the dual 12-inch Vio L212, dBTechnologies makes the most of its approach to sound reinforcement solutions. An advanced DSP provides highly accurate intelligibility, high SPLs, sound definition and loads of headroom. Integrated mechanics and accessories offer easy set up, transport and storage of the systems.

VIO S218

The new active subwoofer Vio S218 is the perfect partner for VIO L212 in larger applications. A simple, effective dual sub configuration designed to enhance the reproduction of the lowest frequencies, boosted by an advanced DSP control and complete network capability.

VIO X Series

Conceived as a point-source completion for the VIO family, the new Vio X series is made up of three wooden cabinets (10-, 12- and 15-inch), featuring linear phase FIR filters and networkability via Aurora Net software. Vio X functions as a stand alone, full range PA system (stacked, flown or wall-mounted) or in combination with Vio S118 subs, or as a side-fill, delay or stage monitoring system in larger Vio sound reinforcement applications.


All Ingenia models are designed to work individually, but they can also be coupled. Ingenia detects the presence of a second speaker using infrared and an onboard-configuration wizard automatically sets up the system to ensure the best coverage and acoustic coherence. Now Ingenia’s advanced DSP runs even further by adding remote control capability to the system in use. All Ingenia speakers can be remote-controlled via RDNet protocol and Aurora Net software, adding further versatility and ease of use to one of dBTechnologies’ more complete systems.


Thanks to Audio Technology for their write-up, which can be viewed here.


Further information on the full dBTechnologies range can be found here.