New ISO Line from IsoAcoustics

IsoAcoustics’ latest line of acoustic isolation stands, the ISO Series, is now available worldwide. The new models are designed for studio loudspeakers and subwoofers and include the ISO-130, ISO-155, ISO-200 and ISO-200SUB. The new contemporary design has a lower profile and all new isolators. Building on the success the L8R Series stands, the ISO line offers marked acoustic isolation and decoupling so you can get better performance from your speakers.

All ISO Series stands are adjustable, providing 14 variations of height and tilt so you can optimise speaker placement and improve their performance. First in line is the ISO-130, specifically designed for small- to medium-sized speakers and studio monitors up to 9kg. The ISO-155 stand handles medium to larger sized speakers up to 18kg. And for larger speakers and studio monitors, the ISO-200 will tote 27.2kg. The new ISO-200SUB provides superior isolation for cleaner, punchier bass and can support subwoofers up to 34kg.

IsoAcoustics’ new line of stands provides an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective means to markedly enhance the sound clarity and transparency of studio monitors and subwoofers, thanks to the patented design that decouples the speakers from their supporting surfaces.


Thanks to Audio technology for their write-up, which can be viewed here.