dBTechnologies L212 APAC Launch

dBTechnologies hosted a special event in Bali last week to launch its flagship L212 line array and S218 subwoofer to the Asia Pacific market. Marco and Manuele talk about the technology and expertise that’s gone into the system.


We’re here in Bali Indonesia and for the first time we’re gonna showcase the L212 and S218 subwoofer. So basically it’s the first time out for our flagship line array outside of Italy. So we had like 30 minutes of playback checking the quality of the system, the coverage of the system, and right after that we had some dinner with a live band playing with a very well known Indonesian sound engineer and well known band here in Bali.

We set up 24 tops, 12 by side, and 18 subs with a couple of Vio L210 as front fill. Being part of the flagship of our catalogue that is the Vio series we do believe that this product can really be a game changer for dBTechnologies.

The L212 is a three-way system. It is symmetric. We have two 12-inches three-inch voice coil custom designed neodymium 12-inches on the edges. And the most important part and the most interesting part of the design is the central segment which includes four six-and-a-half horn loaded midranges and two-inch voice coil compression drivers in the centre. So having all of the sources so close to each other we could really make a great improvement on the off axis reproduction.

The feedback so far are very positive so it looks a very promising product. The PFC or the nearfield communication or the Dante expansion card, all those stuff make this product very attractive and very professional.

Our software, our controls, and the whole wiring system and the rigging system, all of them are so easy to us, they’re so intuitive that we think this system will be suitable for basically any customer.

So what we would like to give to our customers that are investing in this system is to provide immediately technical support to use this system properly and to let them be confident using it in multiple applications they could decide to use it.

It’s a condensed content of technology in the most compact and lightweight size we could ever conceive. We really brought the best engineers in both firmware, software, acoustic design, transducer design with great partnerships with B&C and RCF, mechanic design. All of those excellence together brought to the realisation of the Ferrari of the line array system.

Further information on the VIO L212 can be found here.