Hall Research UHBX-6S Six-Port HDMI Splitter

Hall Research has released the UHBX-6S, an HDMI splitter with one local HDMI output and six HDBaseT outputs for extension to compatible receivers up to 150m using a single UTP. EDID management is integrated into the unit with ‘Pass-thru’, ‘Learn’, and ‘Emulate’ features. Advanced users can use the USB port to download, edit, and upload EDID to the device.

The unit provides an RS-232 port that can individually address and control remote displays with RS-232 interface. The UHBX-6S also provides PoH (Power over HDBaseT) on all outputs so compatible receivers can be powered via the same UTP cable.

Further information on the UHBX-6S can be found here.

Thanks to AV Asia Pacific for their write-up, which can be viewed here.