The Sibyl Centre employs Listen Technologies

Sydney’s Women’s College recently opened a new multi-purpose facility, The Sibyl Centre, to host lectures and presentations, musical performances and gala dinners among events. Among the vast array of technology installed at the venue is a Listen Technologies IR radiator/transmitter system for hearing aid augmentation, supplied by NAS Solutions and installed by AV Media Systems.

‘The Sibyl has 12 Listen LR 4200-150 receivers with 12 LA-430 neck loops and 12 LA-401 ear speakers so that all people in need of assistance can be catered for,’ explained Michael Prestipino of NAS Solutions. ‘The aerials are hidden so they are not visible from the auditorium. The LT-800-150 RF hearing augmentation transmitter was given a separate feed on the centre’s Ashly ne24.24M [matrix processor] so that all audio sources would be relayed to those people depending on hearing assistance technology.’

Matthew Bollinger, AV Media Systems engineer, commented on the installation process: ‘The Listen Technologies products are unbelievably easy to install and use. The deployment is just a single cable run to an antenna. You plug it in, turn the volume up, and it works. It took about an hour to unbox and set up.’

Further information on the full range from Listen Technologies can be found here.

Many thanks to Pro AVL Asia for their write-up, which can be viewed here.