Product Announcement from Hall Research: HDMI 2.0 Audio Manager

HD-AUD-IO – HDMI Audio Manager

HDMI 2.0 Audio Inserter, Extractor, EDID Manager and Equaliser

The HD-AUD-IO is an award winning HDMI audio extractor (de-embedder) and inserter (embedder). The product also provides many benefits such as:

  • RS-232 and contact closure to mute HDMI audio (or video)
  • Can generate HDMI output with audio without HDMI input
  • EDID management with learn, emulate and upload functions
  • HDMI cable equalisation (supports cable lengths to 20 meters)
  • Re-clocks video and negotiates HDCP overcoming incompatibility issues
  • Simultaneously extracts Audio and allows embedding of external audio
  • 18 Gig bandwidth supports 4K 60 Hz, 4:4:4 video with HDR

Hall Research HD-AUD-IO