It’s Time to Trade-in Your Old Intercom and Upgrade with Pliant Technologies

Trade-in a current wireless intercom and receive up to $250 per device.

NAS and Pliant Technologies are pleased to announce this wireless intercom trade-in promotion. Simply trade-in your old outdated wireless radio packs and control units for the following discounts on Pliant CrewCom wireless intercom products.

Pliant CrewCom models eligible for purchase to receive a rebate with trade-in

Professional Wireless Intercom brands eligible for trade-in

Eligible trade-in items must be wireless full-duplex intercom devices (beltpacks, base stations, or antenna distribution systems) in any condition and any frequency, from a professional intercom manufacturer, including but not limited to:
Altair, ASL, ClearCom, CoachCom/Pliant (Tempest only), Green-Go, Overline, RAD, Reidel, RTS, Telex.

Professional Wireless Intercom models eligible to trade-in for discount

* 1-for-1 purchase required in order to qualify for the discount.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Purchase any quantity of Pliant CrewCom wireless intercom from an authorised Pliant Technologies dealer or distributor.
    Trade-in quantities are based on the number of CrewCom wireless intercom products purchased. (See list above for eligible models and rebate amounts.)
  2. Contact your local dealer or distributor for details on returning your trade-in wireless intercom devices.
    Important Note: This is a 1-for-1 promotion where for every wireless intercom device traded in, there must be a purchase of a new Pliant Technologies wireless intercom device.
  3. Once the trade-in wireless intercom devices have been received a notification will be sent to you from your local dealer or distributor. A credit will be issued by NAS to the authorised dealers account on receipt of eligible trade-in items.
  4. This promotion will run until 1st September 2020. All orders must be placed with NAS or an authorised dealer before 1st September to be eligible for the trade-in promotion.

Pliant Technologies Trade-in Deal – PDF Download

Contact NAS at VIC HQ on (03) 8756 2600, at our NSW office on (02) 9898 0670, or at