Chill ‘n’ Chat with NAS, Episode 4

Greetings from the home office for our next instalment of Chill ‘n’ Chat!

With Melbourne Metro in lockdown in effect, we hooked up online to chat about where things are at for us at NAS.

Join a few of the familiar NAS crew for a relaxed chat about business not-as-usual and how NAS is tackling some of the issues presented by the current business climate and what we’ve been up to.

We tackled some big issues including supply chain updates, Shane goes to a restaurant, design support for turnkey AV installations… and Brad’s new Shed.

Thanks once again for your feedback on our last episode, your input is always welcomed and appreciated.

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d&b Soundscape Upgrades

Driven by a dedication to innovation, customer feedback and with a sharp focus on continuous improvement, these latest updates to the d&b Soundscape platform further enhance a user’s ability to deliver stand-out multi-dimensional audio imaging, resolution and emulated acoustics.

A Soundscape system has three elements: DS100 Signal Engine, the hardware platform with comprehensive matrix functionality that can operate in a standalone system configuration mode or be combined with one or both of two software modules, En-Scene, an object-based positioning tool, and En-Space room-emulation software.

The latest feature updates are: Scenes – hardware-based scene memory capabilities within the DS100 Signal Engine and for the Soundscape software platform; two new room signatures within En-Space; and a configurable ‘Spread factor’ for function groups in En-Scene.


Scenes enables snapshots of all DS100 and Soundscape parameters (Matrix / En Scene & En Space) to be stored within the DS100 hardware memory.

The user can create scenes in R1, d&b’s remote control software, offline without the DS100 for later transfer to the DS100 hardware memory. These scenes can be recalled from there using R1, but also via OSC commands – either as a direct call to a desired scene number or by stepping through the Scene list step by step using the “Next” / Previous” function.  These OSC functionalities allows d&b systems to be easily integrated into third party control systems – from advanced show control software such as Q-Lab up to creation of UIs on a tablet or smartphone with e.g. TouchOSC.


En-Space room emulation software is an in-line technology, meaning to generate or expand the acoustic environment it does not use microphone feedback loops. Its simple setup and operation, make access to some of the world’s most acoustically renowned performance spaces a reality for installation and touring both indoors and outdoors.

Two new rooms, from Ravenna Italy join the existing seven concert and recital halls, significantly extending the scope of En-Space room emulation. With the very short and “dry” reverberation of 1.3 sec from the Alegrie Theatre and the (massive & manifold) 5.6 sec from the Cathedral of San Vitale, users now have two new environments at their fingertips. These additional Space options are distinctly different from the extraordinary concert halls already available and open up new applications and new creative possibilities for existing designs.

Spread Factor for Function Groups

Uniquely, the Soundscape software allows for loudspeakers to be combined into Function Groups. This ability to organise and address loudspeakers by groups – according to their function within the whole loudspeaker system (like mains, front fills, delays, etc) is one of the things that ensures the incomparably flexibility and simple operation of a d&b Soundscape system.

The new “spread factor” further increases the functionality and flexibility of these function groups: With an individual spread factor per function group, the user can now adjust how the spread setting of the objects are handled by the various function groups, thus determine the energy distribution between the loudspeakers within the different function groups according to the specific needs of the setup.

 “In the field, we’re seeing people use the DS100 and the Soundscape software toolkit in all sorts of interesting and creative ways – some of them far beyond that we expected or could even imagine –  we’re delighted to find that in the hands of sound designers and mixers the results are really impressive,” said Georg Stummer, Product Manager, d&b audiotechnik.

“These latest updates are driven by feedback from real users which, as always, is a vital part of the product development process for us.”

This Soundscape toolkit is fully integrated into the d&b workflow, so it can be used with an existing d&b system in the familiar ArrayCalc and R1processes and routines, similar in operation to any conventional d&b loudspeaker system. The extent of the loudspeaker system configuration is in the hands of the user: the more loudspeakers used, the greater the resolution and stability of the sound over the audience area. The system configuration can be extended to a full 360 surround design for venues the size of an arena, enveloping the entire audience in exceptional clarity and detail.

d&b audiotechnik

Chill ‘n’ Chat with NAS, Episode 3

We are back with another instalment of Chill ‘n’ Chat!

As with our previous episode, this instalment was shot just prior to Melbourne Metro areas re-entering lockdown, in case you were wondering why we don’t get to discussing it!

Join a few of the familiar NAS crew for a relaxed chat about business not-as-usual and how NAS is tackling some of the issues presented by the current business climate and what we’ve been up to.

This episode we checked in with Thomas Kelly from our Sydney team for an update from the NSW office.
We tackled some big issues including our order processes to meet increased demand, visiting the in-laws, marketing support, design support for installations and who has the bigger head, Shane or Thomas?

Thanks once again for your feedback on our last episode, your input is always welcomed and appreciated.

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Chill ‘n’ Chat with NAS, Episode 2

We are back with another instalment of Chill ‘n’ Chat!

Well, how much can things change in just a few days? Quite a lot it seems!
This episode was shot prior to Melbourne Metro areas re-entering lockdown, in case you were wondering why we don’t get to discussing it!

Join a few of the familiar NAS crew for a relaxed chat about business not-as-usual and how NAS is tackling some of the issues presented by the current business climate and what we’ve been up to.

This week we chatted about increasing business costs, live production industry support, pricing updates and warranty… and Shane in the bath.

We received some excellent feedback from episode 1, your input is always welcomed and appreciated.

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It’s Time to Trade-in Your Old Intercom and Upgrade with Pliant Technologies

Trade-in a current wireless intercom and receive up to $250 per device.

NAS and Pliant Technologies are pleased to announce this wireless intercom trade-in promotion. Simply trade-in your old outdated wireless radio packs and control units for the following discounts on Pliant CrewCom wireless intercom products.

Pliant CrewCom models eligible for purchase to receive a rebate with trade-in

Professional Wireless Intercom brands eligible for trade-in

Eligible trade-in items must be wireless full-duplex intercom devices (beltpacks, base stations, or antenna distribution systems) in any condition and any frequency, from a professional intercom manufacturer, including but not limited to:
Altair, ASL, ClearCom, CoachCom/Pliant (Tempest only), Green-Go, Overline, RAD, Reidel, RTS, Telex.

Professional Wireless Intercom models eligible to trade-in for discount

* 1-for-1 purchase required in order to qualify for the discount.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Purchase any quantity of Pliant CrewCom wireless intercom from an authorised Pliant Technologies dealer or distributor.
    Trade-in quantities are based on the number of CrewCom wireless intercom products purchased. (See list above for eligible models and rebate amounts.)
  2. Contact your local dealer or distributor for details on returning your trade-in wireless intercom devices.
    Important Note: This is a 1-for-1 promotion where for every wireless intercom device traded in, there must be a purchase of a new Pliant Technologies wireless intercom device.
  3. Once the trade-in wireless intercom devices have been received a notification will be sent to you from your local dealer or distributor. A credit will be issued by NAS to the authorised dealers account on receipt of eligible trade-in items.
  4. This promotion will run until 1st September 2020. All orders must be placed with NAS or an authorised dealer before 1st September to be eligible for the trade-in promotion.

Pliant Technologies Trade-in Deal – PDF Download

Contact NAS at VIC HQ on (03) 8756 2600, at our NSW office on (02) 9898 0670, or at

Chill ‘n’ Chat with NAS, Episode 1

Join a few of the familiar NAS crew for a relaxed chat about business not as usual and how NAS is tackling some of the issues presented by the current business climate and what some of the team have been up to. We’re hoping to present (shorter!) versions of this forum in semi-regular bursts just to help keep our friends and client base informed of the latest updates and goings on in Team NAS.

And whilst we’re tackling the big subjects (!!!), your input is welcomed and appreciated on ideas about how you feel we can improve this forum, what you might like to hear about from Team NAS and what flavoured herbal tea James is drinking this week.

Thanks for tuning in, this first one is a little longer than the follow up chapters will be, but we felt it a good intro to the idea – we hope you enjoy saying hello to us via Chill ‘n’ Chat!

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d&b Product Warranty Extension Program

d&b audiotechnik has announced a Product Warranty Extension Program to support customers into the future. The product warranty Extension Program is only one part of d&b’s overall Covid-19 response to alleviate customer anxieties and re-emphasise d&b’s long-term commitment to the market.

“While the entire live entertainment market is dealing with the effects of lockdowns and is facing uncertainty, our aim is to alleviate one of the concerns of our partners and customers who are suffering the effects of the pandemic,” said Amnon Harman, CEO, d&b audiotechnik. “This is one example of the measures d&b has introduced to support customers during this time including hosting an extensive program of daily educational webinars. d&b customers and users can be assured that our products are of the greatest possible quality, and we stand behind that promise.”

The six month warranty extension applies to all d&b products in the mobile and installation product portfolio currently covered by the standard d&b Product Warranty which already has a term of five years, purchased and delivered in the period from 1 March 2015 to 31 August 2020. The warranty covers failure at the component level, meaning any component or manufacturing issue will be covered. This extension applies worldwide and covers systems overall extended life span.

“We felt that extending the warranties for only those customers whose expire during Covid-19 was not enough,” said Harman. “We are striving to help our customers maintain their d&b systems in the best possible condition and we look forward to the day when they can all enjoy delivering beautiful sounding concerts and events again.”

d&b audiotechnik

Online Training from Our Brands

While everyone’s cooped up at home many of our vendors are staying active online by creating tutorials, webinars and training sessions. Whether your field is live sound or AV installation, here’s a way to use isolation as an opportunity to sharpen your skills and gain new knowledge.

d&b audiotechnik

Line array theory, how to use QLab with Soundscape, A-Series in Houses of Worship and more.

Ashly Audio

Get to know all things Ashly with various seminars on amplifiers, column speakers and on-wall speakers.

Listen Technologies

Brush up on your knowledge of Assistive Listening systems with Listen Tech’s free online training.


Snippets from the Certified Midas Digital User course and tutorials for the PRO1 and PRO2 consoles.|en)

Klark Teknik

LIVE Webinar (Part 2): How to Integrate DM Series Networked DSP


How to configure, tune, modify and manage your K-array system to give you maximum control.

Pliant Technologies

Programming Pliant Technologies’ CrewCom Wireless Intercom

Listen Technologies to Create Inclusive Guest Experiences Everywhere

Listen Technologies is collaborating with Disney to deliver enhanced guest experiences at Disney Parks & Resorts through technology. The ListenTALK device provides a new level of connectivity by providing a variety of improved solutions for assistive listening and tailored guided and self-guided tours that allow the user to switch between recorded audio or a live tour guide. ListenTALK provides a better guest experience by delivering the right information, at the right time and place, to the right person.

Posted on February 18, 2020

Listen Technologies, the leading provider of assistive listening systems for 22 years, is collaborating with Disney Parks, Experiences and Products to develop advanced technology that provides a more inclusive experience for guests. Listen Technologies will develop assistive technologies and tour solutions utilising the Disney MagicALL suite of Disney SyncLink® Technologies.

MagicALL is an accessibility platform featuring a suite of proprietary technologies, intellectual property and patents that enable all guests to experience the magic of Disney. MagicALL is for guests with hearing loss, who are deaf or blind, or guests who speak a different language. Disney licenses MagicALL to other organisations so they can use this technology to enable magical guest experiences everywhere.

In collaboration with Disney, Listen Technologies solutions will pave the way to bring products to market that dramatically improve experiences and increase inclusion for users whether they are in a theme park, a performing arts centre, on a tour or other destination.

In 2018, Listen Technologies entered into a technology agreement with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts to use Disney SyncLink, a synchronisation technology that delivers customised content and information. Together, the technology and solutions will deliver the right information at the right time and place to the right person, seamlessly.

“Imagine entering an immersive ride, exhibit, or performance and being able to listen in real-time to synchronised audio in your native language or hear clearly despite having hearing loss,” said Maile Keone, president of Listen Technologies. “Disney and Listen Technologies are making this possible. Our solutions, combined with Disney’s SyncLink Technology, will provide inclusive experiences for guests with hearing, visual or translation needs.”

“Disney is synonymous with delivering magical experiences to guests so Listen Technologies is thrilled to team with Disney on its MagicALL initiative and bring greater accessibility, inclusion and engagement to all people,” said Russ Gentner, CEO of Listen Technologies. “Listen Technologies is committed to improving life’s experiences by providing exceptional, personalised audio and content on any platform at any venue.”

Listen Technologies products provide a new level of connectivity by utilising a variety of advanced solutions for assistive listening as well as customised content for guided and self-guided tours. Listen Technologies will extend the inclusive, Disney MagicALL experience to concert halls, museums, houses of worship, stadiums, walking tours, and more, providing the technology to allow all types of venues to offer immersive experiences.

“We have a commitment to share our accessibility know-how and technology with companies around the world to help enhance experiences for everyone,” said Chief Safety Officer and Vice President for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Greg Hale. “We are pleased to license Disney SyncLink® Technology to Listen Technologies to further develop seamless synchronised Disney© MagicALL experiences for guests with hearing, visual or language needs.”

ListenTALK by Listen Technologies