Snap Fitness, Maroochydore


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When global company Snap Fitness were launching a new branch of their fitness centres in Maroochydore, they wanted a pumping sound system. To get that done the franchise owners called Complete Audio’s Rod Owen. There was only one problem – they announced “we are opening next week.”


Up to the task but facing a tight timeline, Rod first talked with the client about their needs. The franchisees wanted two zones of background audio that could be set at a similar level but allowing for one “that could really pump”, wireless mic systems for physically active instructors and volume control from a central location.

Off to the suppliers – Rod got straight onto Brendon McDonald at NAS for assistance. Brendon promptly specified a system to suit while Rod’s team got underway with prewiring, all on the same day as the initial call. The gear was packed and shipped immediately, keeping the integrator ready for the imminent deadline.


At the heart of the design is a Cloud CX163 two zone mixer. The automatic mic ducking on this unit allows the instructor’s voice to cut through the music. Gym staff interface the system with two RL-1 remote level controls, one for each zone. The controllers are located at the main reception desk for easy access.

Zone 1 is main gym zone where only background music is required. Here, eight InDesign WS65S 100V speakers are running two per channel from an InDesign BA4120 amplifier at 4Ω. Disguised in black, they are hard to spot in the black ceiling grid. Rod comments, “They blend in so well you can barely see them in the rafters.”

Zone 2 is the functional fitness area and personal training zone. This area needs to be loud when required, so two dBTechnologies Arena 10s are aimed along the sprint track. They are powered by a well matched HPA 1400 amp, leaving ample headroom to keep the signal clean. Although four speakers were originally specified to cover the area better, the budget only stretched to two. The system did just fine anyway. Rod – “I went in at commissioning and it’s very powerful. The client thought it was awesome. They wanted a big loud sound and they sure got it.”

Fitness Audio beltpack/headset systems are used by the centre’s trainers when working with clients in the personal training zone. The staff here work out as vigorously as the patrons and the gear gets a workout of its own. After quite some time, Rod is happy with the robustness of the equipment. There have been no replacements required and everyone seems contented with the units.

The Fitness Audio receiver has a remote antenna kit added for extra range on the mics. It is racked discreetly in the storeroom with the amps and mixer, all neatly ventilated by Quik Lok vent panels.


When the clock is ticking, it’s important that everyone in the team plays their role. Suppliers, integrators and client all have to work together.

According to Brendon, “The gym manager is stoked with it – and it looks pretty slick too.”

Rod agrees with that sentiment but also adds that “NAS has been pretty unreal. Brendon is a champion and so helpful. The gear was shipped straight away. We only had a one week turnaround on whole job.”

Further information on the full range of NAS brands can be found here.


Cloud CX 163 amplifier
1U rack unit
Two-zone stereo mixer
Six stereo line inputs
Mic input with two-band EQ
Controls for mic level, source and volume

inDESIGN WS65S loudspeaker
6-inch woofer, 1-inch tweeter
Freq. Response: 90Hz – 20kHz
Impedance: 8Ω
Weight: 3.7kg
Available in black or white

dBTechnologies HPA 1400 amplifier
2U rack unit
Power: 2 x 740W RMS (4Ω)
Freq. Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
S/N Ratio: 105dB
Weight: 17.25kg

dBTechnologies Arena 10 loudspeaker
10-inch LF driver, 1-inch HF
Power: 300W RMS
Freq. Response: 95Hz – 19kHz
Directivity: 90° x 70°
Max. SPL: 125dB

Cloud RL-1 remote controller
Wall-mountable plate
Central knob to adjust volume
Works with wide range of Cloud amps
Available in black or white

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