Whittlesea City Council


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Whittlesea City Council is a subdivided municipality incorporating Victorian suburbs such as Bundoora, Thomastown, Mill Park, Lalor and South Morang. Located in Melbourne’s north about 20km from the CBD, the City of Whittlesea was the fourth largest growing local government area in Victoria in the 2016/17 financial year.


The Council decided to develop a new Innovation Hub and Training Room for collaborative meetings and training applications. Audiovisual requirements for this room included a number of wall-mounted touchscreen solutions that could both display content for a presenter, as well as form independent collaboration hubs for staff.


Melbourne-based audiovisual integrator Vision One has a long term partnership with the City of Whittlesea and supplied the audiovisual installation at the Council’s new Innovation Hub and Training Room. 

The Council’s brief for the Innovation Hub requested wall-mounted touchscreens to allow for staff collaboration as well as to display visual presentations. To meet this criteria, Vision One installed products from Activ2Touch — an 86-inch and two 75-inch Interactive Display Panels. The stylish, simplistic design of the Activ2Touch panels make them suitable in every environment. With reflective protection glass surfaces – fitted to help reduce the reflection of light – these touch screens were the perfect value-for-money solution. 

“Price was a big factor and Activ2Touch are very competitive with price,” says Chris Sismanes, Director of Vision One. “They have onboard Android OS and stack up to most touchscreens we use. Based on the requirements and budgetary constraints the council had for this job we selected them.”

“After demonstrating Activ2Touch to Chris and James from Vision One, they were convinced they could place the product into the market,” says Matt Richardson, Integrated Systems Account Manager at NAS Solutions. “For one, the price point for such technology represented great value and it presented more features than other products in its class.”

The two 75-inch panels were fitted with designated inDesign soundbars, also supplied by NAS Solutions.

The 86-inch Interactive Display was referred to as the ‘master.’ By selecting HDMI 2 on the two ‘slave’ 75-inch Interactive Displays, users are able to mirror the content from the 86-inch, facilitating a larger and more collaborative training and presentation space.


Since the installation was completed, the new Activ2Touch and inDesign products have enabled Whittlesea City Council staff to collaborate in new ways. 

“The lectern allows a presenter to connect to the Activ2Touch screens and the image can be duplicated across all the displays in the room,” explains Chris. “But each display is standalone as well, with its own laptop connection. So staff can use them in their own huddle spaces as well.”

All who utilise the space are pleased with the end result. “The Whittlesea staff are stoked,” says Chris. “When we commissioned the installation we went through it with everyone and they were delighted with the result.”


For over 10 years now Activ2Touch Interactive Touchscreens have been used throughout classrooms, boardrooms, meeting rooms and anywhere touchscreens have been required to display, engage and interact. With cutting edge technology and user friendly design for operation, Activ2Touch has helped all users engage with their audience.

Now Activ2Touch is taking it to the next level of simplicity with the release of EShare wireless presentation system. It’s time to cut the cords and make all your presentations wireless. From Windows to Mac to iOS and Android, wireless connectivity has never been simpler from any device. The latest software allows for up to four devices to be connected at the one time, and on 4K resolution display screens the image is outstanding.

Further information on the full range of A2T products can be found here.


Activ2Touch A2T-86E89K-U-AG
4K Resolution
HDMI/PC Inputs
Android Operating System 5.0
USB Media Player & PVR
Built-In Speakers
Anti-Glare Safety Glass

Activ2Touch A2T-75C1U
4K Resolution
HDMI/PC Inputs
Android Operating System 5.0
Smart TV Services (Miracast/Wi-Fi Direct)
USB Media Player & PVR
3 Year Warranty

inDESIGN iD-S9920-OPT soundbar
4 x Mid-Low Drivers + 2 x Tweeters
Frequency Response: 50Hz – 19kHz
Output: 80W
Weight: 6.7kg (gross)
Full Function Remote Control

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